About Us

“Youth will not be discriminated against based on youth (age), disability, race, gender, gender identity or sexual identity.”
— Kim Rinehardt, Mason County HOST Program Director

   Mason County HOST Program serves youth homelessness ages 16 to 21. Our office is located inside of CHOICE High School (Shelton, Washington) on the second floor (Room 14).  The Mason County HOST Program serves CHOICE High School, GRAVITY GED Program, North Mason High School and Shelton High School.  Upon application for services youth can receive case management to determine what exactly their needs are and support in mitigating and or ending the harsh reality of homelessness. Our office can provide food, clothing, shoes, hygiene products and most importantly a safe place to tell your story and receive services in support of your life. Youth will not be discriminated against based on youth (age), disability, race, gender, gender identity or sexual identity.

   Mason County HOST program bases itself on respect and honesty.  Youth are heard and respected in this organization.  Should youth come to HOST requiring drug and alcohol or mental health treatment, youth are referred to programs specializing in treating youth and receive case management to assure that all recommended treatment options are followed through on.

   Mason County HOST Program is committed to participating in the community that offers its homes to youth.  All participants in the HOST program are required to volunteer in their community.  If able, all participants in the HOST program will receive employment supports (resume building, job search support & systemic advocacy) as a means to mitigating and eliminating the impacts of intergenerational poverty. 

   It is the intent of Mason County HOST Program to also work with the parents of the participants of the HOST program to develop safe avenues of communication between parents and their children while addressing the homelessness issues for youth.  Mason County HOST advocates for reunification of families and their children when it is safe and reasonable.  Mason County HOST works with local counselors and youth counseling programs to increase communication between youth and their families of origin.       

   Mason County does not have a shelter for youth.  The closest youth shelters are in either Kitsap or Thurston counties.  It is crucial that the county have a viable program that can effectively assist in creating housing matches for youth and not send one of its greatest resources out of county for assistance.  We support youth in their community receiving sustainable services and participating where they feel most comfortable and where they belong.